Meet Our Cast

Courtney is a coffee drinking, organizing, singing, dreamy whirlwind! She firmly believes her life is a fairy tale- because it is. Find out more of her work at www.courtneycartoons.com!

Jared is quick as a whip! Debates, video games, and writing are his favorite pastimes.
And he draws too! (Check out the Courted page to see more.)

Ellie is the most adorable cat you’ll ever know! This American Shorthair has her owners wrapped around her paw!

Flynn is a always up for making a new friend! This long haired cutie is ready with the purr-fect pick-me-up if you’re ever down.

Huxley is the sweetest baby you’d ever meet! He loves hugs and babbling all about his feelings to Mom and Dad!

Arlo is a bright spark of energy! This terrier-mix puppy loves playing with Huxley and giving his family lots of sloppy kisses!


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